Barnevernet Norwegian the definition of tyranny?

Translation of an original text by: Irene Hov

The police concluded and closed the Norwegian Barnevernet case where a 13 year old cild died of epilepsy because child welfare did not listen to the doctors.

Image where Save the children (Redd Barna) promotes Barnevernet as a safe and just institution

Barnevernet commercial on YouTube! 

This case shows the inequality of treatment how police, prosecutions and courts deal with similar issues involving the CPS authorities. Everyone is NOT included – as equals under the law,  the authorities aim is to raise child welfare institution’s status in society by commending for their actions.
This case is widely discussed on social media as miscarriage of justice, where the parents were branded as unfit to take care of their own child due to the girls’ behavior.

The snow is a perfect symbol of the authorized tragedy

Helpless parents accused of child abuse, Despite arguments against the authorities and documented evidence. The behavior was caused was by the girl’s diagnosis of epilepsy.

All relevant documentation was effectively ignored by both child welfare and police.

Medical certificates and specialist statements were unimportant sources for child welfare. The girl suffered from child neglect, and that’s the end of that. This is the reason the girl was prevented from receiving vital medical treatment to control the epilepsy.

This ends in the girls’ tragic deaths. Without any of the authorities being held responsible.

Simultaneously another 13 years old girl suffering with anorexia died in a cabin in Valdres. She was a victim to extreme bullying by her fellow classmates, on the posh west-side for years, and ended with the girl developing anorexic decease.

Her desperate mother tried to help her child throughout the whole period.

Neither the social welfare agencies, the school, nor the child welfare service was willing to listen to the mother or her daughter’s story, or cry for help.

The bullies resourceful parents joined forces against the mother and smeared her name by spreading rumors of her weird behavior and  different accusations about harmful behavior towards her daughter.

As a last desperate attempt to save her daughter, the mother moves to the cabin in a village called Valdres. Where the girl died of suffering from dismay. The mother is accused of sever neglect with death as follower.

A common element in these two cases is that the parents’ voices is tuned out and ignored by both child welfare, police and health care, tragically resulting with death for the children. This shows a grotesque degradation and disqualification of the children’s parents and what they have to report to the child welfare services about serious disorders.

This is completely in tune with the strategy of demonizing and criminalizing parents and families at all costs. For many years there has been a large disparity between the number of children taken by child welfare due to neglect, and the number of parents convicted of child neglect. The goal is to raise child welfare as credible in its institution.

They will throne on top of the hierarchy in the management of children and adolescents, and soon equipped with authorization to increase credibility. For this to happen CPS needs more parents guilty of child abuse and fewer CPS employees charged with professional failure and error assessments. The police have clear instructions to obey child welfare and their assessments.

If this isn’t the definition of tyranny, I don’t know what is! 

Nine Norwegian child welfare cases is currently being investigated by the Strasbourg Human Rights Court for violations of children and parents of the Norwegian state. It is a scandal of dimensions that will set the track for all future. The fact that NORWAY instructs the police force and other judicial institutions desist protecting its citizens’ human rights should be a revelation to everyone! We’re forced to seek international courts for justice. ICC in The Hague also started investigating Norwegian CPS cases. The world is turning their heads towards Norway and the government’s indifference to state-authorized child abuse . For many this gives a huge sense of hopeful relief

Minister of child and family affairs, Solveig Horne

You might think that child welfare is preforming honorably-. But nobody could ever know what’s going on. No one knows what is happening between the walls of their offices! Officials are obligated to praise the good, important public service to CPS offers the local society.

But can you really say that without actually being a shadow on their walls? 

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